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What is the overmold

"Overmolding" is actually a two-shot injection molding. The product generally includes a main body (hard rubber) part and an outsourcing (soft rubber) part. When the mold is manufactured, the hard rubber body is manufactured first, and the main hard rubber mold design is in accordance with the normal design procedure , Outsourcing (soft rubber) mold design should take the hard rubber finished product as a reference, no need to shrink, the back mold part is basically the same as the hard rubber main body, the front mold is different from the rubber shape, and the production is hard. Plastic main body, and then put the hard rubber main body into the outsourcing mold, enter the outsourcing soft rubber injection production.

Pay attention to the problem of "encapsulation"

1. The problem of shrinkage.

2. Design issues.

Poor design will directly affect product sales. Our company has a professional design team and the manager is an industry expert. You are welcome to consult at any time.

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